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Needle Felting Kits - Sheep Puff

Needle Felting Kits - Sheep Puff

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Needle felting is the art of taking a barbed needle and stabbing wool over and over and over to mesh the wool fibers until you create a cute firmly sculpted creation. Turn sheep fluff into cool stuff. Using this awesome DIY kit, teach yourself how to needle felt an adorable Sheep Puff. The kit includes all materials, instructions, 1 page of photos that go along with the instruction steps, and 1 page of side and front photos for size and detail. Needles in kit are a 36-gauge Triangle and a 38-gauge Spiral. The foam workpad is a raised worksurface ideal to protect your tabletop and stabilize your figure as you shape it. Choose the appropriate option for the kit with or without the pad. 



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