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Treatoes Dog Treats - Freshwater Smelt Crisps

Treatoes Dog Treats - Freshwater Smelt Crisps

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Caught from the freshwaters of Canada, our Freshwater Smelt Crisps basically have the word “LOCAL” stamped all over! These single-ingredient treats are dehydrated to a crispy perfection and are made with your pup’s health in mind.

Our Freshwater Smelt Crisps are high in Omega-3, B12, calcium and zinc. These minerals promote strong, healthy bones and teeth. They are the perfect high-value reward to teach your dog a new trick or can be used as a meal topper for additional nutrients. Your pup will love the treat and you’ll get to hear the satisfying crunch - it's win-win for all the parties involved!

Handcrafted in Toronto, Canada.

Ingredients: Whole Freshwater Smelt

50g per bag



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