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Treatoes Dog Treats - Chicken Breast Strips

Treatoes Dog Treats - Chicken Breast Strips

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Treatoes Dog Treats are handcrafted to perfection and made with healthy, human grade ingredients. All our treats are 100% free of wheat and preservatives.

No introduction needed - the name of the treat should be able to speak for itself. Many dogs would probably go crazy over some boiled chicken pieces in their meals, so we’re confident they’d likely go crazy over our dehydrated-to-perfection Chicken Breast Strips as well!

Our Chicken Breast Strips are made with only one ingredient - chicken breast from chickens raised on Canadian farms. It’s a nutritious protein that is healthy and lean - we’re keeping it simple here so that your pup can just enjoy chicken all day, every day in all of its glory. This treat is pared down into ultra thin strips and come in various lengths; the shorter strips for a small snack before a meal or a larger strip for being the best boy or girl!

Handcrafted in Toronto, Canada.

Ingredients: Chicken Breast

50g per bag



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