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Lacey Bakker

Children's Books - by Pandamonium Publishing House

Children's Books - by Pandamonium Publishing House

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DEER DIARY: Have you ever wondered what woodland animals do when there are no humans around? Follow Duncan the deer as he writes in his diary about the crazy antics of all of his friends! Remember, what happens in the woods, stays in the woods! Written by Lacey L. Bakker, illustrated by Shamayal Hayat,.

PANDA THE VERY BAD CAT: This hilarious children's book is based on the antics of a real life cat named Panda. Join Panda the Very Bad Cat as he gets into all kinds of mischief and causes chaos for his human. Panda the cat is fun, funny and beautifully illustrated! Anyone who has ever been owned by a cat will want to own this book. Written by Lacey L. Bakker, illustrated by Jason Bugahiar.

PHILLIP STAR: Who better for a best friend than a GIANT, purple elephant? You’ll have tons of fun with Phillip Star as you follow him on an adventure that you’ll never forget! This is an excellent book for kids and is easy to read! Written by Lacey L. Bakker and illustrated by Shamayal Hayat.

SAMMY THE SINGING CAT: Join Sammy and his frustrated mother, as he sings his heart out! Sammy's mother is willing to do whatever it takes to teach him a new song, but will she succeed in the challenge? A super fun picture book for kids ages 0-5. Written by Lacey L. Bakker, illustrated by Dani Casas. 

SPIDERS WEARING SWEATERS: Spiders aren't scary! They're cuddly, cute, and impeccably dressed in their sweaters. Spiders wear sweaters for all different occasions and seasons; step into their world and see what they're wearing today, but beware of a curious cat! Written by Lacey L. Bakker, illustrated by Sarah Smith. Picture book that is suitable for children ages 0-5.

THE ADVENTURES OF MILAN AND FRIENDS: Come along as Milan and his friends set out for an unforgettable Halloween night! What will stand between them and their quest for the best candy? Written by Lacey L. Bakker, Illustrated by Alex Goubar. Suitable for readers ages 0-5, Halloween theme.

TWELVE DAYS OF RESCUE: Meet Socks, a quiet shelter dog who has been waiting her whole life for someone to notice her. Imagine her excitement on the day someone does! How will her life change when she finally gets a family of her own? Follow along with Socks, as she shares the first twelve days with her new family! An interactive book with hidden hearts on each page and a recipe for homemade dog treats, included! Written by Tonya Cartmell, illustrated by Emily James, 



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