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Low Poly Paper Kits

DIY Low Poly Paper Kits

DIY Low Poly Paper Kits

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Find your new hobby here! Enjoy the combo of a puzzle + a craft + art made by YOU!

Full instructions included - fold on the scored lines and glue the numbered pieces! Mini practice piece included. ***KITS come with 19.5ml glue and bamboo spreader.**

Black Bear: 23 cm x 16 cm x 37 cm, 2/5 difficulty
Deer: 50cm x 29cm x 40cm, 3/5 difficulty
Elephant: 64cm x 77cm x 45cm, 3/5 difficulty
Flock of Sheep: 7.5cm x 13cm x 17cm, 1/5 difficulty (pack of 11 sheep)
Fox: 40 cm x 37 cm x 24 cm, 3/5 difficulty
Robin + Nest: 29cm x 19cm x 18cm, 3/5 difficulty
Squirrel: 30cm x 25cm x 18cm, 4/5 difficulty
T-Rex: 60cm x 30cm x 54, 3/5 difficulty
Beaver: 14.5 cm x 16 cm x 37 cm, 3/5 difficulty
Orca Family: 50 cm x 36 cm x 11 cm, 4/5 difficulty



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