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Lost And Faune

Animal Pendant Necklaces

Animal Pendant Necklaces

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Browse this listing for a variety of animal necklaces! While most are sold individually, note there are a few sets of two - perfect for Moms + Minis!

Lost is all about looking for the right direction, getting out of your comfort zone, exploring and taking leaps of faith. Faune represents the landscapes, the familiar faces and the wilderness that allows us to remember where we come from. Together, they are a celebration of memories, adventures and emotions that make our story. Each piece has its own memory, to which you can relate to!

Lost & Faune is a Canadian company that specializes in designing and handmaking jewelry. The materials we choose are high quality and hypoallergenic. We use sterling silver, stainless steel and 18K/24K gold plated materials. Our creative process is
inspired by adventures, nature and our travels. Those souvenirs are part of our collections, each piece of jewelry and our story!



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