Boredom Buster

Download the FREE made in Canada Boredom Buster Activity Book!

Part TWO of our activity book!

May 2020

Hey there!
Coming into the spring season, we are sad that we aren’t able to open up the doors on our Locke Street perch, however we are happy and delighted at all the human-goodness we’ve seen in the world.

Our artists have done it again! We’ve got a beautiful eleven-page colouring book for all skill levels and ages. So binge-watch Lesley Knope’s can-do attitude on Parks ‘n’ Rec and treat yo’self to some moments of colouring relaxation.

We hope you will share this file with your loved ones and give us a shout-out by tagging us with your finished artwork! We will be together again soon friends!

Still all about the nose boops,
The Nest Family 😻

Made in Canada activity book!

April 2020

Hi there Friends,
These are strange times and we know that you are missing us because we are missing you. Our country is resilient and full of innovative, smart and beautiful people like YOU!

Our lovely artists stretch from coast to coast and have come together to bring you this free downloadable activity book. This book is animal-inspired and for all ages, we hope you will enjoy spending some time away from the news and in a creative venture.

Share the digital file with your friends and family, and keep in touch by tagging us and the artist in your creations! From our nest to yours, stay safe.

All the nose boops,
The Nest Family 💖