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Artist Feature: Bailiwick Studios

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Up-Cycled Animal Kingdom These aren’t your childhood play things! They’re a dazzling collection of unique, hand cut, up-cycled air planters to bring a little magic to your everyday. An excellent co-worker gift – hint, hint! (P.S. made and created by a Hamiltonian artist extrodinaire, Heather Cameron) Visit Heather’s website:

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Artist Feature: Joanne Jarry

Posted by nest on July 1, 2017 in Joanne Jarry

Watercolor Best Friends In our world, cats and dogs get along Your collection would not be complete without the awe-inspiring beauty of a Joanne Jarry pet portrait. Original watercolor works, some already framed on display. We’re proud to be hosting another amazingly talented Hamiltonian. Visit Joanne Jarry’s website:

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