Do cats like snow?

Posted by nest on February 17, 2020 in Nest Hamilton
You know what they say about discussing politics, religion, and cats-versus-snow at the dinner table: it’s going to cause an argument. Uncle Jerry will refuse to admit his fallacy of thought, Timmy will run away crying and Mom, on her third glass of vino, will turn up the music to drown out the craziness of it all.

No worries friends! If this is ever a point of contention at the dinner table, we’ve got you covered – cats do not like snow (unless they are dogs posing as cats). Debate over. Revise the will; reinvite Uncle Jerry to the birthday party.

As investigative journalists do, Nest’s editorial department went to the deepest pages of a Google search and found the following evidence. We hope you understand that we do not go about this lightly.

Does your cat like snow? Send us a picture – we don’t believe you.

source: Zengheng, imgur

Exhibit 1. I don’t want to stand in it and I will hopscotch myself outta here.


Exhibit 2. Roar face a.k.a get me outta here human

source: Drwhoodles, imgur

Exhibit 3. One small step for cat, one giant… NOPE!

Exhibit 4. Can you feel what my face is saying to you???

source: pm_me_yogurt_pics, reddit

Exhibit 5. The aftermath. Hugging the heater like he’s having a cat-hangover.

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