About the art: Fluffy Cloud Workshop

Posted by nest on October 1, 2019 in Fluffy Cloud Workshop Nest Hamilton

It’s so fluffy!

Our artists come from all across Canada and bring unique gifts, perspectives and stories to each of the pieces they create. Nest is delighted to have the creative creations from local Grimsby artist, Greg at Fluffy Cloud Workshop!

Bunny love is real with all of their cute products here at Nest: stickers, stitched journals, keychains, earrings, buttons, prints, wood sculptures and more! 

Here are some Q&A’s from our session with Greg of Fluffy Cloud.

Are there any traditions you partake in when painting or getting ready to create? 
It might sound a bit weird, but I try to empty my mind (as much as I can) and visualize the work I’m about to do. I find by completing the work in my head and foreseeing any difficult areas it helps me to problem solve beforehand. It also helps me work in the moment.

If you could be any animal (living or extinct), which one would you be and why? 
Hands down, a RABBIT! We live with two wonderful rabbits and I really like the bunny vibe they give off. They are playful and serious and full of personality.

Can you describe the moment in time when you knew you were an artist and what the statement “I am an artist” means to you? 
I won first prize for the best handwriting at the Beamsville Fair in grade one—since then, I haven’t looked back. I tend to consider myself more a designer than an artist and this allows me to think more about the process I go through to get to a solution.

What advice would you give to young handmade artisans about the industry? 
Make stuff all the time, don’t stress over throwing away a bad idea, and don’t be afraid to succeed—there are people out there who will love your stuff.

Who are your three heroes/heroines and which attributes do you admire about them? 
My pal Bill Poole (he started the Grimsby Public Art Gallery and always said, “If it isn’t fun, don’t do it”), British designer William Morris (all of his work is so incredibly beautiful), and musician Sam Phillips who has been creating in her own, unique, genius groove for decades.

Visit the Fluffy Cloud’s website to learn more: https://www.fluffycloudworkshop.com