About the art: Joanne Jarry

Posted by nest on September 1, 2019 in Joanne Jarry

A self-taught master of watercolours

J Jarry Nest Hamilton
Artist Joanne Jarry

Nest is grateful to have Joanne Jarry and her watercolour paintings in our shop. Her technique, brushwork and striking style, brings her paintings to life, capturing the essence and personality of the animal she’s painting. From polar bears to ducks, German Shepherds to Siamese cats, Jarry delights with luminosity and freshness in her pieces that leave the viewer speechless. 

Born and raised in Thunder Bay,
Ontario, Jarry has always been
connected to nature and animals.

From just ten years old, Jarry knew she had a talent for drawing. The exact moment when she realised she had a gift was on a sunny day in the schoolyard during a 5th-grade class. The group of students sat together and sketch a tree on the property. Once the teacher saw what Jarry had created, she held it up to show the other children in her class and everyone went “wow”. 

J Jarry Nest Hamilton

As she grew up through her high school years, she had three drawings published in Western Horseman magazine. As a kid with a talent for art, this was a great accomplishment. Jarry continued to draw mainly horses and family portraits. 

Some time passed, life moved on, she moved to Vancouver, British Columbia, her talent took a back seat and art became less of a priority. Then about six years ago, she started to get serious again. Back in Thunder Bay, she took evening courses in watercolour and life drawing, her passion was reignited and she fell in love with her craft all over again.

A few years ago she moved back to Ontario. Jarry now lives in Hamilton with her husband. She enjoys painting animals, landscapes and portraits. Jarry’s work has been published in calendars, ebooks, book covers, and she has sold countless paintings in Canada, the U.S. and Europe.  NH