Spectator Readers’ Choice Awards

Posted by nest on December 8, 2018 in In the news

Nest voted Platinum Winner

You love us. You REALLY love us!

Every year, The Hamilton Spectator asks the community to vote for their favourite businesses/professionals in the Hamilton area. To our absolute delight, Nest has been selected as the 2018 Platinum Winner in the China/Gift Shop category.


We could not be more thrilled!

Thank you to the artists that make our Nest a creative and inspiring home for the unique, the Canadian, the handmade and most importantly, the zoological; where all of our animal inspired wares cohabitate in peace and harmony.

Thank you to our customers who have always appreciated the hard work, talent and craftsmanship that go into the pieces we curate. Talking about the artists with you and the process behind each unique item is always a wonderful conversation.

Thank you to the Locke Street community, who have welcomed us into the village with open arms and for all the impromptu chats along the way. #LockeStrong

Thank you to our friends and family (social & IRL). Your dedication, time and support over the last year (and a bit), have kept this little dream alive and we couldn’t have done it without YOU.

(If there were an awards ceremony ^^^ that would be our speech. With some tissue for sniffles and a soft mic drop.)